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JK Paper marks Father’s Day in a heartwarming campaign, ‘#LetterToMySuperDad’, reaching over 30,000 students across 25 cities in India.

Delhi, June 2024: JK Paper, a renowned name in the paper industry, was excited to unveil its heartwarming initiative just in time for Father’s Day. This year, JK Paper proudly spearheaded the #LetterToMySuperDad campaign, reaching out to over 30,000 students across 25 cities in India. This initiative aims to foster a deep sense of gratitude and build emotional connect between children and their fathers.

The #LetterToMySuperDad campaign encouraged students to express their love and appreciation for their fathers through the art of handwritten letters. By reviving the timeless tradition of letter writing, this initiative seeks to underscore the invaluable importance of personal and heartfelt communication.

Key Highlights of the Campaign:

School Collaborations: Through strategic partnerships with numerous schools, the campaign seamlessly integrated the art of letter writing into their curriculum, ensuring widespread student participation and engagement.

Paper Plantation Awareness Program: During school visits, JK Paper’s team conducted captivating myth buster sessions focused on the Agro-Social Farm Forestry Program. This innovative approach relies on cultivating and harvesting unique varieties of trees that provides a high level of income to farmers. In the fiscal year 2024, JK Paper distributed over 11.64 lakh saplings to farmers, which are subsequently harvested to produce paper. Since its inception, JK Paper has planted 9.50 lakh acres of land under its Agro-Social Farm Forestry Program. During the session, the students and teachers exhibited remarkable interest and fascination as they delved into the intricacies of this sustainable paper-making process and its profound significance.

Celebrity Collaborations: Renowned influencers and esteemed actor Bhaktiyaar Irani lent his support to the campaign, sharing his heartfelt #LetterToMySuperDad experiences. His involvement inspired followers nationwide to join the initiative and celebrate the bond between fathers and children.

Exciting Rewards: The most touching & heartfelt letters were meticulously selected for special recognition, with winners receiving exclusive gift vouchers from JK Paper as a token of appreciation for their heartfelt expressions.

Mr. Partha Biswas, Chief of Sales & Marketing at JK Paper, expressed, “Father’s Day holds a special significance, allowing us to honour the love and sacrifices of every father figure. With our #LetterToMySuperDad campaign, our goal was to nurture a profound emotional bond between children and their fathers, while also rekindling the timeless art of letter writing. The remarkable enthusiasm shown by students across India has been immensely uplifting. Through our continuous efforts, we strive to change the perception about paper by promoting eco-friendly practices, providing sustainable alternatives to plastic and contributing to a greener future.”

The campaign culminated in heartwarming events held in schools, where students had the opportunity to present their letters to their fathers in a person. These events not only brought smiles to many faces but also reinforced the importance of expressing love and gratitude through simple yet powerful gestures.

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About JK Paper

JK Paper’s legacy dates back to 1938 with the establishment of Straw Products Ltd. in Bhopal. Today, JK Paper is a leading Indian player in Office Papers, Coated Papers, Writing and Printing Papers, and High-end Packaging Boards.

The company operates three integrated Pulp and Paper Mills: Unit JKPM in Rayagada, Odisha, near the Eastern coast of India; Unit CPM in Songadh, Gujarat, on the Western coast; and The Sirpur Paper Mills (SPM), a subsidiary in Kagaznagar, Telangana. With a recently completed 170,000 TPA capacity expansion in Packaging Board at Unit CPM, JK Paper’s present installed capacity stands at 761,000 TPA. The company has also ventured into the Corrugation business through the acquisition of Horizon Packs Pvt. Ltd. and Securipax Packaging Pvt. Ltd. In FY 23-24, JK Paper acquired a 100% stake in Manipal Utilities Packaging Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Moving forward, the company will focus on improving the efficiency of these plants for better cost advantages.

JK Paper has embarked on a digital transformation journey in key manufacturing processes to reduce variations, improve quality, enhance cost efficiency, deliver better and faster service, and create a direct connection with end customers.