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Bolt.Earth Receives ARAI Certification for Level 2 AC Fast Charger, Accelerates India’s Shift to Electric Mobility

Bengaluru, 23rd April 2024, Bolt.Earth sets a new standard in India’s EV charging landscape with the recent achievement of ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) certification for its level 1 and 2 charging solutions, including the LEVAC and Blaze AC models ranging from 7 to 22Kw, ensuring utmost safety in charging operations. 

Obtaining ARAI certification helps the company’s mission to establish EV charging as a safe, intelligent, and interconnected experience. Through meticulous testing encompassing stringent safety criteria such as electrical safety, operational safety, and much more, this certification instills confidence in end-users, affirming that Bolt.Earth’s chargers are not just reliable but also adhere to the highest safety standards, ensuring peace of mind throughout the charging process.

The Blaze AC is a level 2 fast charger, available in two variants (with and without LED screen), tailored to enhance EV charging experience for the everyday user. As the market’s most feature-rich level 2 charging device, the Blaze AC integrates innovation with practicality, streamlining the charging process for a diverse array of EV models. 

With a focus on user convenience and efficiency, the charger is equipped with a host of user-friendly features, such as wireless energy metering, an intuitive charger status/energy display, OCPP compatibility, dynamic load balancing and IP65 water resistance. These advanced features can help any EV charging device withstand drastic weather conditions, provide efficient energy monitoring, enhance interoperability, add smart features, and ensure durability, making the Blaze AC a top choice for EV charging needs.

Ishaan Bansal, CTO at Bolt.Earth, expressed his enthusiasm about the certification, stating, “As the EV landscape evolves, the importance of reliable and efficient charging solutions becomes increasingly clear. Our Blaze AC, a Level 2 charger, stands at the forefront of this revolution. Certified by ARAI and enhanced for performance, it embodies our commitment to advancing electric mobility in India. Not only is it designed and manufactured locally, promoting the ‘Make in India’ initiative, but it is also an exceptionally cost-effective solution. With our current portfolio of ARAI-certified and OCPP-enabled chargers, we are fully equipped to meet the diverse needs of both residential and commercial EV charging.

Bolt.Earth remains dedicated to providing its customers with the most advanced and reliable EV charging solutions available. The ARAI-certified charger is a proof of the same, offering a safe, efficient, and convenient charging experience for electric vehicle owners across India.


About Bolt.Earth

Bolt.Earth is committed to driving emerging markets towards cleaner mobility. As India’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure solution provider, the company boasts over 31,000 charging points nationwide and plans for continuous deployment of more facilities across the country. Bolt.Earth’s comprehensive suite of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 chargers sweeps away barriers to EV ownership by catering to every vehicle type and need. With a user-friendly charging app, EV owners can easily and securely locate, book, and pay for charging stations. Their app provides EV users with data to help them understand their exact charging needs, patterns, and costs.

 For more information about what they do, contact them here.

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